Do It Yourself: 3 Layers Bracelet Holder

Hi Everyone!

photo 3 (42)Its been a while since last time I shared a DIY Project on Yoggi’s blog.

Today, I want to give you another resourceful idea to keep organized your bracelets and other “arm fashion”.

My bracelet organization situation has been a problem in the past, so I needed to find a way to make it functional! I’ve been collecting a lot of scrap materials, that by the way you can easily get from your local supermarket, and I think I’ve got enough for this DIY project .

I thought it would be a good idea to make something that goes with my personal style, and to make it so it would be functional for keeping my “arm candies” (jewelry) organized, but also a stylish decoration for any corner of my room!

The process is really easy and low cost!!!

So here’s my fun Do it Yourself Project idea:


  • Cuter, Ruler, Glue and Scissors

photo 1

  • 3 Empty tubes of tin foil (you can use the tube of a kitchen  paper roll or cling film if you prefer)

photo 1 (52)


  • Wall paper (color of your choice)

photo 2


  • A Box (Slide Cut) and you want to make sure your empty tin foil tubes are larger than the width of the box.

 How to Make It

1. First we’ll need to cut out the desired shape for the box. I found it is much easier if you just find a already slide cut box  from a supermarket, like in the picture above, otherwise just cut the box giving it a “slide/waved” shape.

2. Placing the Curving hook, the tin-foil tube:

  • Take the tin foil tube on the side of the box, we’ll need to cut out “handles” for the tube to sit on top of. Place the middle of the tube on one of the sides of the box and start tracing and marking the spot. Repeat this process on the other side of the box and for all three of your tubes. Make sure the marking is straight on both sides.

photo 3

  • Then take the cutter or scissors and start cutting a semi-circle shape, cutting all the way to the top edge of the box, making a “hook-like” shape, like shown below:

photo 4

3. Placed the empty foil tubes, making sure it fits and is straight. It should look something like this:

photo 2 (49)

photo 2 (48)









4. Cover the box and tubes with Wall paper or wrapping paper. Feel free to mix and match different colors or to just go for one uniform one! I actually decided to just cover the whole thing with black wall paper, both box and tubes, just so that it would be easier to recognized the colors in my bracelets and watches.

  • When doing this, Prepare the box first by covering first the edges with the black electric tape or using thin strip of wall paper to wrap the edges. Start placing to the edges by pushing the tape and cutting the sides so that it looks smoother. Like this:

photo 5

  • Cover the rest of the box with your wall or wrapping paper.

  • Do the same for the Empty foil tubes:

 photo 1 (51)

And Voila’!… Here is the finished product for the Do It Yourself  3 Layer Bracelet Holder:

photo 3 (42)

Now my lovely bracelets and watches are properly displayed and I want the world to see how I did it!!!

Hope you enjoy this project.

Annie B. 🙂


I decided to get crafty again this weekend! I knew I needed to organize my jewelry because it was getting a little out of hand. I also knew that I didn’t want to put all of my bracelets away in my jewelry chest because I wanted to display them as well as organize themRead More: Gettin’ Crafty with Kiesha: DIY Bracelet Holder |
I decided to get crafty again this weekend! I knew I needed to organize my jewelry because it was getting a little out of hand. I also knew that I didn’t want to put all of my bracelets away in my jewelry chest because I wanted to display them as well as organize themRead More: Gettin’ Crafty with Kiesha: DIY Bracelet Holder |

Fashion Picks: Summer Handbag

Hey, hey, hey!

It may sound absolutely “Geeky” to say, but the truth of the matter is that I get most of my “High Fashion Advice” from my MOM! When you start seeing her fashion picks you will understand why….but in all honesty, my mom is a real Fashionista! I believe she could have easily been a stylist to the stars or something because she really has impeccable taste!

My mom lives in Venezuela whereas I live in Greece, so every so often she will send me cute “care packages” with cute outfits for the coming season!

This week I got my “Summer Care Package” and here’s my mom’s pick for a Cute and Classy Summer Handbag:



I feel Hot Pink is really “in” this season…though Pink has always been one of my favorite colors, so it may just be my impression! lol

I think this bag is absolutely gorgeous!! What do you think??


Yoggi B.


Do It Yourself: Party Activities

DIY Party Give Aways 3Hey, hey, hey!!!

So as you guys know I threw my good friend a baby shower last weekend, and I tried as much as I could to use Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas for it!

If you’ve seen my previous posts, you know that I made a Colorful Diaper Cake for decorating the space;

Baby Bottles stuffed with Candies as Give-Away Gifts for guests;

And A Fruit Bouquet, also for decorating but obviously a healthy and refreshing treat guests can enjoy eating during the party;

DIY Fruit Bouquet 2


For entertainment I decided to go for Do It Yourself activities guests could choose to do throughout the party. Originally I wanted to try doing some of the typical baby shower games I have played in other showers I’ve attended, but the truth of the matter was that I don’t think it was the “right audience” for it! Since it was an Girls Only Baby Shower, I thought it would be the right audience for:



Activity #1:Paint your Nails Baby Blue or Baby Pink! Since we don’t know whether it’s a boy or a girl guests could choose to do their nails Blue for Boy, Pink for Girl or both if you just have no clue!! By the way, I got these cute colors also from Jumbo for like 99 cents each!! Totally worth the expense, Even if they only last a few days….its less than 1 euro!!


DIY Nails 2

DIY Nails 3










Activity #2: Design the Baby Bib! We knew our friend was low on bibs, so we got 10 different bibs that guests could make a cute drawing for the baby. We got all washable markers so that she can just wash and use some of the bibs, and she said that some of her favorites she might frame and use as decoration for the baby’s room! Cute idea, right??

DIY Baby Bib 3

DIY Baby Bib 2









Activity #3: Make your Bracelet or Necklace! Honestly, the younger kids had way more fun with this one than the adults..but a couple guests were really crafty and made some amazing designs for bracelets and keychains!

DIY Bracelet

DIY Bracelets











DIY Bracelets 3

DIY Bracelets 4



That’s it….this is my first time putting together a Baby Shower and Doing It Myself!! and it was a blast for me! I never knew I could be creative enough to make these decorations! I hope this will inspire you to get creative and start some Do It Yourself Projects!! Be sure to share them with me!!


Yoggi B.

Do It Yourself: Baby Shower Give-Aways

DIY Party Give AwaysHey, hey, hey!

If you’ve seen my  previous posts you know that I threw a Baby Shower for my friend the other day, for which my friend and I made all the decorations ourselves.

Originally, For the give away gifts we planned to get some small flower plants to give to each guest, but my friend was really sick the entire week before the shower and thus we didn’t really have time to go buy the plants we wanted to give away. So the day of the party we had to come up with something cute to give that was also quick and easy to make ourselves right then and there! We went to this store here in Greece called “Jumbo”, which pretty much has anything and everything for really, really cheap prices. So we found some cute baby bottles, some nice colored ribbons and loads of colorful candies to stuff each baby bottle with!

DIY Party Give Aways 4And so we made some Candied Baby Bottle Give Aways:

  • 15 Baby Bottles (or however many you need)
  • 2 packs of Ribbons (for different colors)
  • About 7 bags of candy, this will vary depending on what you use!; We got:

3 x 500 gr Chocolate Filled m&m ‘s

3 x 500 gr Peanut m&m’s

1 x 500 gr Sorted Fruit Candies

What we did next:

  • Fill up each bottle with the different candies! Mix it up however you want!
  • Tie a ribbon around the top of the bottle.
  • Add a cute note (if u want) for guests to remember the shower by.

And we are ready for the Baby Shower!!

DIY Party Give Aways 3DIY Party Give Aways 2xoxo,

Yoggi B.


Do It Yourself: Fruit Bouquet

DIY Fruit BouquetIngredients

  • 1 Large Pineapple
  • 1 Large Melon
  • 1/2 Kilo of Strawberries
  • 1/2 Kilo Grapes

You’ll also need:

  • Different Shapes Cookie Cutters (flower shape, hearts, moons, etc)
  • Wooden Skewers 
  • A Vase


Last time I went back home to Venezuela, I was able to be at my big brother’s birthday party…that is were I first saw a beautifully made, but store-bought, flower bouquet! I thought the concept was great! I mean a beautiful decoration that is also a healthy snack for your guests!! So when I had the chance, once back here in Greece, I decided to give it a try and make one myself with some fresh fruits I got from the Farmer’s Market!

This is super easy and quick to make, which is great since fruits can get a little ugly-looking when cut for a long time….I made this Fruit Bouquet about 1 hour before my friend’s Baby Shower (but I was done within 30 mins).

DIY Flower Bouqtet how to 1Here’s what I did:

  • Peel and Cut the fruits, let’s take the pineapple as an example: Take off all of the skin from the pineapple and slice it horizontally into pieces that are about 1 cm thick.
  • Take the Cookie cutter shaped as a flower, place it right in the middle of each pineapple slice, so that the hard center of the pineapple lines up with the center of the cookie cutter, and press down your DIY Flower Bouqtet how to 2cookie cutter until it comes out the other side, having as a result a nice pineapple flower.
  • Repeat this procedure with the rest of your pineapple slices, and do the same for the melon. I made melon hearts and moons.
  • Once you have all your Pineapple Flowers, melon hearts and moons ready, take a wooden skewer and pinch the fruit with it:
  • For the melon I pinched the moons vertically so that I could place them as a supporting base layer in the vase and help support the rest of the fruit.
  • DIY Flower Bouqtet how to 3The pineapples I pinched horizontally allowing about 1 cm of the tip to come through. Then I took either a grape or a strawberry and pinched it to the tip of each pineapple flower. I placed these on top of the melon moons, making a second level/layer in the vase.
  • Take the leftover strawberries and grapes and stick them individually in a skewer and place them all right in the center of the vase, filling up all possible empty spaces.

I then tied some bows around the vase for decoration and served!! It was such a hit! The fruits were incredibly refreshing given the weather…we ate them all by the end of the baby shower, even the little kids wanted to try the “flowers”! And honestly, it took me about a half hour to make….easy, breezy!

Give it a try! Healthy, beautiful and so fitting for Spring Time!!

DIY Fruit Bouquet 2

DIY Fruit Bouquet 1xoxo,

Yoggi B.

Do It Yourself: Party Decorations – Diaper Cake

DIY diaper cake 3Hey, Hey, hey!!

So, my very good friend is having a baby soon and me and a couple other girlfriends decided to throw her a Baby Shower!!! I took the opportunity to get a little creative and try and make all the decorations instead of just buying them! We decided to make the give-away gifts, as well as Do It Yourself party activities, in addition to the Diaper cake!!

I actually got the idea for Diaper Cake decoration on Pinterest; it seemed so simple that I gave it a try and It came out really nice  (I think, at least) took me like less than 30 mins to put it together!!! Can you believe it???

What I used:

  • DIY diaper cake howto 1At least 2 round boxes; the size will DIY diaper cake howto 2depend on how big you want your cake. I used a 20 cm diameter box for the base and a 10 cm diameter box for the second layer.
  • About 50 Diapers (this may change if you use different size boxes)
  • Ribbons (feel free to use different colors), Scissors and Tape

DIY diaper cake howto 3What I did:

  • DIY diaper cake howto 4Take Each individual diaper and roll it up like a mexican “Burrito” or “Fajita”, use a neutral color ribbon to tie a knot around the diaper. Set aside and repeat with the rest of the diaper (as many as you need to cover your boxes in them).
  • Place each diaper in a vertical position around the exterior of your round box. Mine did actually “stand up” on their own, but if you are having difficulties, feel free to use a little bit of tape to help you fix them in place.
  • Once the diapers are all lined up and surround the box, use your ribbon to tie a bow around them; make sure the ribbon is position just about the DIY diaper cake howto 5middle of the diaper, this will give more stability to the cake.
  • Repeat the above process with your other boxes.
  • For the top part, the final level of the cake, I didn’t need to use a box, I simply put together 5-6 diapers and tied a bow around them.
  • Decorate!! We added ribbons, bows, cute shaped lollipops and at the top a small gift for the baby!DIY Diaper cake



If you don’t have a baby shower to DIY diaper cake 2throw…well…you can also make this decoration cake with anything that you can roll up like I did the diapers, for example: Towels (for a house warming party or summer party), t-shirts or even better, DIY t-shirts, fabric napkins if you are having a fancy dinner party, gloves, socks, scarves, etc….just be creative!!

Try making it, it won’t disappoint!!



DIY Diaper Cake 1xoxo, 

Yoggi B.

Do It Yourself: Picture Frame Collage

annie frames 9Hey Everyone!

I’m back and once again, I wanted to share  my latest DIY project  with you!

So this happened one weekend while I was at home with nothing much to do, and I started thinking that there are literally so many ways to add life, color and personality to empty wall spaces!! So I figured, why not reinvent the empty spaces in my walls with this project!

I found it really fun and easy to make these DIY Picture Frames; I managed to collect all the pieces in about a month, some of the frames were given to me as gifts by some friends and some are old frames I had lying around.

This “collecting process” may be a bit time consuming, but now that is done it’s time to have fun! And here is a sneak peak look of our new living room decoration, I like this more dramatic look!

Alright, so here’s the Materials we’ll need:

  • Spray paint

annie frames 1


  • Old News paper /magazines

annie frames 2

  • Picture frames (Variety of shapes and designs)

annie frames 3

  • Hammer and Nails


Here’s how easy it is to do:

  • Lay out a large piece of news paper to lay the frames on top of.

annie frames 4


  • Using your spray paint, spray all the frames in the front and in the sides. I used a dark green spray paint color, feel free to choose whichever color will decorate best your wall space!
  • Allow for the frames to fully dry before using

annie frames 5

  •  Once the painting process is completed, collect all your frames lay them down in a flat surface so that you can play with how to arrange them! Try different combinations until you get the look and feel you want and snap a photo to reference back to when you begin hanging them on your wall! It’s important to have a clear view of how you want to hang the frames, you don’t want to make unnecessary holes in your walls!!!

annie frames 6

  • Measure your wall space to figure out the placing you want for each frame; make a small mark where the nail is supposed to be, if you need to.
  • Fix the Nail to the chosen spot in the wall and start hanging your frames!

How do you think they turned out?

annie frames 7


Personally, I’m really amazed with the outcome and so proud of how it looks and that I did it myself and for a very low cost!!

Hope you enjoy Do It Yourself projects as much as I do, and you have fun making this one!

See you next time!

Annie B.