An Easty Introduction of Running in your Workouts!

IMG_8667Hi you guys, how are you?

I’m Gaby and i’m new at this blogging thing!!

My sister in-law, Yoggi, convinced me to join-in the healthy blogging team, and to share my experiences with u!

Well,  I love exercising, it makes you feel good and it makes you look good so it’s a win-win, isn’t ?

When I first started this fitness/healthy life style I was kinda lost about what to do, and how to do it!  So I went looking for help with trainers; at first, it was horrible!! No one would pay attention to me because I was chubby and unfit, and that made me feel a little bad about myself…but I knew I had to keep my head up and push throug, so  I continued to search  for someone with the knowledge and experience that I needed and wanted!

When I finally found the right trainer, stared loosing weight  and seeing changes in my body, I became motivated to do more and more! But I knew I had to start little by little, and slowly introduce new activities my workout rutines; so I tried running first, it was something different  and challenging, and let me tell you something, I LOVED IT!!!

When u finish the feeling the adrenaline that sensation that you can do anything and conquer the world (lol)!!!

IMG_8671So, if you want to try and add running into your fitness or workout routines, but you’ve never done it and don’t really know how to start,  here are some tips that helped me get started and even prepared me to run my first 10k!

Week 1: To start out and get some cardio progress going I recommend intervals of 5 mins walking  and 1-2 mins running; so walk for 5 mins, then run for 1-2 mins, walk and run, walk and run….do it for about 20 min or 30 mins.

Week 2:  Start walking 3 mins and then run for 2 mins, again in intervals for 2o mins.

Week 3:  By this time, hopefully, after all that training your body will ask you for more, your resistance will have increased and you will have to challenge yourself more. So, walk 1 min and run 5 mins, in intervals for 20 mins.

IMG_8672Week 4: Time to see what we’ve got! Run for the entire 20 min; after this week, simply start pushing yourself and try to run a couple mins more each day!

I stared that abut a year ago and today I can run 10k or run on a treadmill at the gym for 45-60 min!! Seeing my Progress is the best reward!

I hope I can help some of you through your own fitness and health journey!

Ps: if you live near some park o some place nice with view, Run There!!! It’s so good to clear your head and play some good tracks too, these little tricks help you stay motived during your runs!! I live in Venezuela and this is one of parks I like to run in…check out the scenery!!






Hello September Runs!!!

Amy 1Hey, hey, hey!!

So I’ve been kind of M.I.A this past month, unfortunately is not that I’m being lazy or summering, I’ve been busy with introducing the newest member of our family: Amy!

We found her abandoned in the middle of the road a couple hours away from Athens. She was really underweight, had patches of hair missing and all sorts of ticks stuck to her skin! She is also still a puppy, probably around 6 months. We simply could not just leave her in the road, so we brought her back home with us! Lucky for us, she is really quite and submissive, which means she gets along perfectly well with our Bulldog, Sheldon!

amy 2If you have dogs, then you know how time consuming it is to house train them! So, for most of this past month I’ve allocated my time and energy into training Amy and getting her adjusted to our routine. On the flip side, I found my forever loyal workout buddy, the sexiest “biatch” I have ever worked out with: my sweet little Amy!!

Because she is a puppy and super energetic, she actually needs to RUN when she wakes up to get all of her energy out! This is great for me because now I can officially include a 30 minute run into amy runs 4my workout routine (that’s all we can handle for now, it is terribly hot in Athens!). For me, this is the best way to start the day, not only does it benefit every part of your body, but it is also the cheapest workout anyone can do and, as an added bonus, I feel it actually lifts my mood! I’ll admit it, I’m not a morning person! LOL

So what was/is my workout routine this summer?!?

Believe it or not, for the entire month of August I did not really workout, I basically spent most days taking Amy for  several walks a day. At the beginning when she was still weak she would get tired easily, but as she gets stronger and healthier she gets more energetic! (Now Her energy levels in comparison to our Bulldog’s are just off the chart!) So now, I’ve been slowly introducing the runs, the past 10 days or so we’ve been running. So, I’ve been getting my cardio done, even if I haven’t done anything to tone up my muscles!

Walking and Running, running and walking, plus a combination of Eating Balanced is what has kept my weight in check this summer! Slowly, slowly, I’ll be able to start introducing again my other activities into my routine, like my Zumba dancing and my Blogilates workouts! But for now, I am just extremely excited to have a running buddy that is just so awesome and cute!!

amy runs 2

amy runs 3












Yoggi B.

Balanced Fitness TIP: ABS are made in the Gym but Shown in the Kitchen

tips2Hey, hey, hey!!!

Today is also a great day for me, because THIS HAPPENED!!! I hope you can tell from the picture that my abs are finally beginning to show! Now this is huge for me because I don’t personally know anyone who is fit and healthy with abs and who doesn’t take supplements, shakes, pills and what nots to have their physique. I have never (and hope that I will never) taken chemicals, powders, shakes, pills, etc, in order to enhance my workouts and/or speed up the results. So I am so happy that CLEAN EATING and Religious Workouts are paying off! I mean, I guess it’s true, “Abs are made in the Gym, but Shown in the Kitchen”! This means is tips10that If you we want our nice muscles to show, the “trick” is: do you Cardio a few times a week and Eat Clean.

So for me, Eating Clean doesn’t mean that I will stop eating all sweets and all decadent things I love, it just means that I will eat in a Balanced way! I usually think of my meals as either a protein meal, a protein-carb meal, a carb meal or a snack, but generally speaking I try to make most of my meals and snacks Protein based and healthy. Let me give an example, this is what I ate yesterday:

  • Woke up and had a black coffee, worked out and had errands to run so at some point mid-morning I had a Capuccino and a couple of hours later one of my Green Fruits & Veggies Juices.
  • A couple of hours later I had a fruit and some nuts, by this time it was already past noon, probably early afternoon and so far I had been snacking all day, I do generally snack in the mornings rather than sit down and have breakfast because I’m not really hungry when I wake up;
  • tips5Around 4 or 5 pm that’s when I was hungry for “reals”, so I made myself a small mixed lettuce salad with some boiled chicken, boiled eggs, a prosciutto slice, pine nuts and just a pinch of balsamic vinegar for dressing; basically, this was a Protein Lunch, highly fulfilling but totally CLEAN! Notice how so far in the day I haven’t really had carbs yet, I’ve had proteins and healthy fats. My lunch carried me over for quite some time, veggies are wonderful fillers, so I wasn’t hungry for dinner until 9 or so;
  • At dinner time we were at a friend’s house hanging out when one of my girlfriend’s called me to arrange to go for drinks. Since it was last minute, I didn’t really have time to wait and order something to eat because I had to leave soon, so I just checked my friend’s fridge and saw he had some boiled eggs (because of Easter) and he had some left over schnitzel from his dinner the night before, so I basically put together a sort of salad with whatever I could find in the fridge and ended up having a protein-carb dinner.
  • tips8I then went out for one drink with my girlfriend, literally, one drink (this is like a sweet/sugary snack for me), and I was back at around 12- 1 am…
  • And yes I was hungry again. Luckily, I was back at my friend’s house (where my BF was waiting for me) and I found a box of TAMARIND that his Filipino friend had brought! I hadn’t eaten Tamarind in like 10 years!!! It grows on trees pretty much everywhere in my hometown in Venezuela, so I ate it a lot as a kid! I used to have literally fresh from the tree, the one I had last night was more like eating dried Figues or dates, and since the box said it had “no added sugars”, I went for it and this was my final snack of the day.

As you can see I don’t miss out on hanging out and being with friends, having a drink…I honestly believe that being healthy and fit is not about Looking Perfect, is about improving yourself and your body, it’s about progress!

For the past 2 weeks I challenged myself to eat more Greens, and I learned that: the more I increase my “green intake” (veggies and salads) the more I see myself loosing weight and maybe even fat!

tips9Here’s what I’ve been doing: one serving of veggies in my fruits & veggies juice, one salad with lunch and if I wanted some veggies as a side for dinner. And when I woke up this morning, before I started my workout I saw that my abs are starting to show!! I cannot describe how happy I am about it! Seeing my progress was totally the “pad on the back” I needed to continue eating clean!! Since the long weekend is coming up in Greece, me, my Bf and Sheldon decided to spend it Roadtripping!! I cannot wait!! I will make a post about what foods and choices I make to stay true to my fitness goals during vacation time, but If you want real time update just follow my Instagram or Facebook page where I will be posting pics and updates in the next few days!!

I hope my “Balancing Act”, as I call it, can help show that being healthy is a way of living that doesn’t require sacrifices, just consciously balance what we eat!

Have a Great Easter Weekend everyone!!!!!


Yoggi B. 


Healthy Living Tip: About Black Coffee

coffeeAccording to, Black coffee, if consumed in Moderation can have a number of Benefits to our health!!!

“…not only does it contain antioxidants that fight off free radicals and lower the risk for certain types of cancer, but it can also reduce the risk for diabetes as well as heart disease. At the same time, caffeine is perfect for boosting your metabolism and for increasing the number of calories you have burned…”

I don’t Rely on coffee to loose weight, but I do start my day with a nice “cup o’ Joe” right before my workout!! For me, it’s like killing two birds with one stone: I wake up and maybe I boost my metabolism to burn more calories during my workout!!

They say it starts being counter-productive though, if you drink more than 5 cups of coffee per day!! Though i’m a “coffee addict”, I do keep it at no more than 3 coffees per day (tops!)!!

I had my coffee, now let’s get ready to kill this workout!!!!!!

Does anybody else love coffee as much as I do???


Yoggi B.


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My Home Workouts!!

yoggi profileHey, Hey, Hey!!!

So, you all know that last weekend was filled with decadent DELICIOUS treats I made for my BF’s bday!! I did try as much as possible to not over eat anything…I mean, there will be other parties and I will make these treats again, so I tried to be cool about the whole thing….But if you’re trying to loose weight or loose fat or whatever your fitness goal is, you surely know that a big “food splurge” needs to be balanced with clean eating and hard workouts!!!

Well that was my week and will continue to be this week!! So, for last week, I knew I had to balance the weekend “splurge” with a few days of real Clean Eating: loads of lean proteins, loads of fruits & veggies and few complex carbs! fitness post strawberriesBasically, this week I ate a lot of boiled chicken made into healthy “sandwiches” like I did in my recipe for My Way of making Chicken Sandwich, just grilled chicken with a side of hummus, lean minced meat and turkey meat made into Zucchini Boats, Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, boiled eggs, healthy sweets and snacks such as a piece of Oatmeal Brownie or Fruits Covered in fat-free, sugar-free toppings such as my Chocolate Covered Strawberries or My Healthy Choco-Peanut Butter Banana, and to finish this “balancing act”, I started my mornings with a nice bright Breakfast smoothie, and I choose a lot of diuretic foods for my smoothies to help me get rid of the excess water!! My favorite breakfast drink this week was definitely the Pink Smoothie!

chicken sandwich - galleryThis is why I post so many recipes in the blog!! I believe it takes a LOT more effort to come up with healthy but delicious foods you can eat guilt-free and that are natural too!!! I have not and would not want to start taking all these pills, powders, supplements and chemicals most people take so randomly! I am worried for how those chemicals could affect my body and my metabolism and what happens when you stop taking them?? Anyways, my point is I need way more inspiration to come up with healthy recipes than to come up with a bad ass workout routine that only takes up 1 or 2 hours of the day! Nevertheless, this week I did train like a BEAST!!

workoutI am a bit of a “Crazy Person” in this sense! I mean, I LOVE a workout that I am just dripping in sweat at the end of it!! But at the same time I don’t like going to the gym and I cannot DEAL with Boring workouts! I admire people who can go to the gym for 2-3 hours and lift weights….IT LOOKS SO BORING TO ME!! I know it has countless benefits but I simply am not one of those people! I like Wilson Kipsang’s mentality a lot better; Wilson has set the current world record for running a Marathon, he is from Kenya and in one of his interviews I remember him hearing say that he finishes marathons in about 2 hours because he wouldn’t be able to withstand running for 4 hours like the majority of people do, specially not in the Kenyan weather! The result being less time but more intensity….that’s what I try to do too!!

zumba 4My sport isn’t running…I do run for fun sometimes with my dog, but what I truly LOVE is a Zumba Fitness workout!!! I had been doing this workouts through the Wii games Zumba Fitness sells, but they only come out once a year and since I’ve been doing that for over 3 years, well I needed to step it up a bit, and so about a month ago I became a Certified Zumba Fitness Instructor and now I am making my own choreographies to workout to! Because I love dancing so much most times I will start listening to a song and do a few steps and then I get really into it and next thing I know over 2 hours have passed and I am dripping in sweat after repeating my song choreographies over and over!!

This is the type of workouts you can expect from me, high intensity and routines that push My limits!

zumba 3I will be posting a lot of the choreographies I’m putting together soon!! In fact, my close friend who is helping me make the videos, told me that she, who has never done a Zumba Fitness class in her LIFE, decided to just give it a shot at doing my video (which for now, only she has it since she is editing it) because it looked so catchy, easy and fun! She repeated it about 5 times until she got the steps right and she called me to tell me that she was pretty sweaty and that she had so much fun she didn’t even notice she was actually working out!!! I personally believe that in our Fitness Journeys we MUST choose workouts that “soothe the soul”, this way you won’t get bored and tired of them, you zumba 2will always wanna Keep Going!!…dancing definitely does that for me! And the best part is that I don’t go to a gym for a Zumba Fitness Class I create them and do them at home!! I prefer it this way, its cheaper, its faster and I’m in control of my body and how far to the limit I want to push it. If I only have 30 mins to workout I will make a 30 min HIGH intensity workout so I get the results I want in the time I have; if I have a chilled day, I will go for medium to low intensity songs for longer; some days I will make pair songs to be a HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training) with high intensity songs alternated with low intensity songs.

stretchingMy point is… get fit you don’t need anything but yourself! It doesn’t need to be boring or far or expensive; and just because you work from home it doesn’t mean you can cheat yourself of a good workout!! I have been working out from home for over 3 years now and I am the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been in my life! And I started out with simple, easy to do, affordable solutions!!

Do you have a gym membership or have you tried working out from home?? If not, Give it a try to home workouts!! You will be surprised with how effective it can be and how little money you need to spend for it!!!

Stay tuned for more recipe ideas, workout videos and everyday fashion….if I can do it…trust me, you can do it too!!!!

home workoutsStart your week strong!!!!!


Yoggi B.

Anti-Gravity Yoga Part 2

Hey, hey, hey!!!

aerial yoga part 2Ok, so I went for the very first time to a class of Anti-Gravity or Aerial Yoga, and I had planned to go to the “Fitness Aerial Yoga” class, but I happened to be fully booked so I didn’t manage. Since I was really sore this past week….I’ve been working really hard on putting some choreographies together to make up a zumba class video! Hopefully I’ll have the first video ready in the next couple of days!!!… Anyways, for this reason, I’ve been really sore everywhere so I decided to go back to the same Anti-Gravity Yoga I had tried and stretch out my muscles a bit.

I mentioned in my previous Antigravito Yoga post that I was pretty terrified for most of the moves and that I didn’t really break much of a sweat. Well, I don’t know if the weather was warmer this time, if this is just the natural progression of these classes or if the teacher read my blog, but I definitely broke a sweat this time!! LOL

I was also much, much comfortable doing the moves and just playing around in the “hammock-ropes thingies”! Maybe it was because a lot of the moves had some sort of monkey name (the hanging monkey, the swinging monkey, etc) that I was just sooo comfortable with it!! LOL The pose in the picture, I don’t remember what it’s actually called,….but I named it in my head as “the chilling monkey”.

It may sound weird, but I feel this second class brought back memories from when I was a kid back in Venezuela and playing around with my friends climbing on anything we could find!! I remember in elementary school there was sort of a “Maze” made of bricks for kids to play hide and seek (totally unsafe btw)…which we used to do was climb on top of the bricks and walk on them; There were also some giant ball-shaped structure made out of old monkey bars, which we used to run out to as fast as we could during the breaks because soon enough it would be PACKED with other kids and we wouldn’t be able to fit anymore; and my personal favorite place for chilling and hanging out with my girlfriends, the tallest, biggest Mango Tree at my childhood bff’s house…Needless to say, I really felt a little like a kid this second time around…it was great! I was in a great mood and had a great vibe all day long!! Do you feel this way too when you do a fun workout?

I still wanna try the Fitness Anti-Gravity Yoga class, just to see how it would be! Have any of you tried any of these type of classes?? Do you like trying different things when you workout??

slowly, slowly getting more comfortable with the ropes!

slowly, slowly getting more comfortable with the ropes!


Yoggi B.

Eating Healthy does NOT mean Eating Expensive!

Hey, hey, hey!!

So today I saw a friend that I hadn’t seen in a couple of months, I usually only see her at holidays and parties really.We started talking about how every time she sees me, I seem to have lost weight, or just look fitter in general, asked me if my “body transformation” was only by exercising? My answer was no, I combine healthy eating and exercise!

Before 2010-2011

Before 2010-2011

Before: 2010-2011

Before: 2010-2011

After: 2013 - 2014 (Taken Today)

After: 2013 – 2014 (Taken Today)

After: 2013 - 2014

After: 2013 – 2014

(With these pics, I want to give you an idea of what I mean when people mention my body’s transformation to me: pic 1 and pic 2 were taken before I started my “healthy trend”..pic 3 was taken less than a year ago, and pic 4 today. I hope you can see the change!)

So, I told her how I combine these things to loose weight: one is working out 4-5 times a week, this is easy only 1 hour a day, anyone can do it!; but the main thing I have done is I’ve just made the switch to healthy foods, now this is really what makes the difference, eating right 23 hours a day!!! As hopefully you can see from the pics above!

I didn’t expect her answer though…Her automatic reaction was to say: “Yeah, but biological foods are so expensive”!

Eating healthy foods, to me at least, doesn’t mean buying biological foods. To be honest, I have rarely bought anything from the biological market, I guess I still don’t understand the full benefits of it, I mean I know its supposed to have less pesticides and what not, but has it been proven that its a substantial difference?? or Have the benefits been proven?…Since, I don’t know enough about biological foods, for now I’ll keep getting my fruits and veggies from the regular farmer’s market that sets up in every neighborhood in Athens.

Remember the post I made about The Supermarket vs The Farmer’s Market? Well, that to me, is a great example! I spent the same amount of money in both the supermarket and farmer’s market but I only got one bag of goods from the supermarket, and just bags and kilos of fruits and veggies from the market!!

I’ve noticed that in the supermarket a pre-packaged bag of Spinach (with less than 1kg of product) costs over 3 Euros!!! I bought last time I was in the farmer’s market 1 kilo of fresh spinach for 50 cents.

Yes, meats, chicken and your proteins, they are expensive (or at least I find them expensive), but this is not a valid excuse to day eating healthy is expensive! I mean, you eat proteins everyday already, I’m guessing, so this shouldn’t represent an extra expense in your budget!

I don’t know if people define eating healthy in a different way that I do, that would push them to come to the conclusion that eating healthy is eating expensive! But for me, its simple and its cheap!! If you don’t believe me, ask my parents!!! My mom has been texting me for weeks because she is WORRIED SICK that I am not spending enough money on food….so she assumes I must not buy food! LOL
This is really funny to me, to be honest! And for the record…I do buy loads of foods! I go to the supermarket/farmer’s market/butcher/etc once a week or every two weeks, and I cook at home at least 5-6 times a week.

So BELIEVE me….I do spend money on food, but because I prefer the healthy, fresh, natural, “green” foods, the total price of grocery shopping is not that high for me! Give it a shot! Try making healthier choices, fresh choices when grocery shopping and you will see what I’m talking about!!


Yoggi B.